Terms and Conditions

Terms of Service

 Payments to Standard Members

Standard members to receive payments must make a minimum deposit of 1$ once every 12 months or buy a paid to click ad once every 12 months, members who do not comply with this rule and try to make a payment request are with the payment canceled and the balance withdrawn.

First Payment

The minimum payment for Standard members is 3$ and increases 2$ with each payment up to a maximum of 10$! Premium members will always have a fixed payment starting from 5$!

Receive Next Payment

Members must post their proof of payment on the forum to receive their next payment! Members who do not comply with this rule and try to request a new payment will have their payment canceled and the entire balance withdrawn!

Active and Suspended accounts

To keep accounts active, members must be active once every 5 days, otherwise their account may be suspended! Account reactivation has a 2$ fee! To activate the account contact us!

Forum Advertising

Advertisements are not allowed on the forum, use the pages to advertise, whoever tries to violate this rule may have their account suspended. Account reactivation has a 2$ fee.

Withdrawal options

Members must use the same method to withdraw money they used to deposit, otherwise a €0.50 fee will be applied unless the method you used is not available.

ClixFunchal rights

ClixFunchal reserves the right to change, change or modify or add new rules at any time without prior notice, it is up to each member to check our rules frequently.